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We make moving simple. It’s no insight that for people who are moving long-distance, the experience generally sucks. We started this company because we think moving is fun; it’s an opportunity to change and start fresh. It’s all the stuff leading up to the move—the estimates, the scheduling, and the quotes—that distracts people who are moving from the stuff that really matters: the new dream job, the new spouse, the first home. We think the process of preparing for a move should be simpler and more efficient, so we’re fixing it.

We are a full service moving company which means we are professional packers and movers for your dorm, home or office. We have multiple sized trucks because we know just how tricky it can be to move in Boston Student Movers. Our experience shows by our efficiency.

 Local Moves

We know the cities we service like the back of our hands.  So whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or staying in the same building, call us for a comprehensive Move Plan and an all-inclusive price.

Long distance moves 

We know that you can’t be in two places at one time, which is why our expert team members are there to make sure your move goes flawlessly! Our company structure – together with our unrivalled expertise in planning and logistics – means that our team coordinates both ends of your move with maximum efficiency, and looks out for you and your possessions every step of the way.

We offer three options:

  • A weekly shuttle to popular destinations If you’re moving to L.A., San Francisco, Miami, or Chicago, just reserve space on one of our shuttles – which leave up to three times a week – and save money.
  • Non-stop service in an exclusive truck. Although most long-distance moves use shared trucks that make several stops en route, we can provide non-stop service.
  • Long-distance EXPRESS with guaranteed delivery date For fastest shipment from New York to L.A. – with a guaranteed delivery date – choose our express service. If we’re delayed, we’ll give you $100 cash for each day we’re overdue.

But overall, our long-distance moves follow the same process as our local moves: starting with an inventory and ending with you happily resettled in your new home.

Commercial Moving

Focus on your business, not your move. University Student Movers can move any size office overnight. If you do it right, you only have to do it once. We work with you to create a Move Plan that includes:

  • Inventory of all items to be moved
  • Special building conditions and requirements
  • Dates and times
  • Special instructions for setting up the new office

Using the Move Plan, we’ll work with you to create a strategy that includes:

  • Tagging and color-coding workstations so they can be efficiently reassembled at the new location.
  • Prioritizing items for the new office setup.
  • Studying floor plans and building regulations.
  • Scheduling the move to happen at the most convenient time for your business.

Your employees won’t have to lift a finger. Our movers will:

  • Protect floors and walls.
  • Wrap furniture.
  • Box files, electronics, and personal items
  • Keep books and files in order and ready for reassembly/
  • Provide IT assistance to get your new office wired, have any flat panels installed, etc.

We avoid delays by having backup systems in place at all times, including:

  • Extra movers
  • Extra trucks
  • Carpenters
  • Emergency vehicle repair
  • Customer service coordinators

Private storage

Our storage business follows the same straightforward, customer-centric approach as our moving business. We offer full-service, door-to-door storage – giving you as much or as little participation as you wish. We offer storage rooms in a variety of sizes: Our relocation specialists can help you to create an inventory that, in turn, will help us determine which size of room to recommend.